!5 ottobre 2022: Mattia de Bianchi, pugile di Reggio Emilia, riconquista il titolo di campione italiano pesi piuma battendo Mattia Occhinero al termine di dieci intense riprese, davanti a più di duemila spettatori. 23 dicembre 2022: Mattia de Bianchi difende il titolo, sfidato dal pugile piemontese Alfredo di Bartolo.


Le Officine Meccaniche Reggiane di Reggio Emilia hanno una lunga storia. Ma quello che volevo a tutti i costi raccogliere erano le testimonianze artistiche dei tantissimi street artists che negli anni hanno lasciato il loro meraviglioso segno. Segni che verranno parzialmente cancellati da lavori di “bonifica” della zona industriale, destinata ad ospitare il nuovo polo tecnologico. [...]

Emilia Photography Exhibition

Emilia mostra Silvia Casali Fotografia Europea 2016

Life sometimes is slow, it never changes and days seem endless and boring. On the other hand, it might happen that life speeds up and you realize that months slipped away in a blink of an eye. This has happened the last six months. I have just realized it's been that long since I last [...]


This project, Muta Riflessione (Silent Reflection) was first presented during  Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia (Italy) on May 2015 The images narrate the sometimes strange relationship between manhood and landscape – new technologies have permeated our daily life, and we more often find it difficult to understand that what we are admiring is nature made through a process that lasted millions of [...]

Milan EXPO2015

Expo 2015 silvia casali photography

Last October I visited the Milan Expo with my daughter Matilde. We wanted to enjoy the experience in its wholeness, skipping the long, huge lines to enter the pavillons - actually any pavillons, October showed to be the worst time to visit Expo2015

Riccione | Shades

Last June I "forced" myself to do something I had not yet even imagined to do, that is to organize a photographic exhibition. It all started with a visit to the beach where I usually spend the whole month of June in Riccione (Italy). I noticed that the light blue painted wall of the beach [...]


"18 novembre 2014.Apprensione per il Po Come accade ogni volta che il Nord è investito da forti piogge, prima o poi la massa d’acqua si riversa nel Po. Lungo il fiume è massima allerta: nella sola Lombardia sono circa 650 le persone evacuate per precauzione dalle golene del fiume e dei suoi affluenti, più di [...]

Black Trees | silviacasaliphotography

I have just noticed this post was first published on January 17th completely...empty! Apologies for the mistake! I have been quite for a while, wondering about what to do with my photography and art, whether to keep on exploring them, seraching for what really reflects my inner "tourbillon" or to say "Stop, forget it!" All [...]

Ferrara | silviacasaliphotography

Right before Christmas, I spent a whole day in Ferrara visiting my friends at Mobyt. Before meeting them, I visited downtown Ferrara during a very foggy and cold winter day. And to my surprise, I discovered a very old and calm town, full of history and narrow streets. Despite the cold I took many pictures [...]

Smile | The happiest tomato sauce

Close your eyes. Think about the smell of sun kissed, juicy, sweet  summer-infused tomatoes. Keep your eyes closed, and with your imagination color this wonderful smell with the bright shiny red of tomatoes' skin. And finally, on top of it, add a smile. The smile of the people who made this tomato sauce, the happiest [...]

Scandiano Old Lady | Take Two

As my "friend and editor" Ingrid, always says: "Casali sei una bestia!" - which translates more or less with "Casali, you are so gross!". She always refers to me as "gross" when it comes to developing and post-producing pictures. I am lazy, very very lazy. I do not study photography, I have not the patience [...]

Fotografia Europea 2012

Fotografia Europea 2012, a set on Flickr. I live in the North of Italy, on the border of the area which now is under a massive earthquake attack. 40 km between me and the disaster. It is not a lot. It is a very odd feeling to live so close, share the wait for the [...]

The Trashcam Project

I am trying to understand how to take good pictures, spending time in learning how to post-produce them and then I see this very interesting pictures taken with a....garbage can transformed into a pinhole camera! ARGGGGGG!!!! For those of you who do not know what a pinhole camera is, further details are available at this [...]