needs you!

I have just received an email from Patrice and Jocelyn at which I am happy to share with all of you.

For those of  you  who do not know yet, their mission is to bring human-centered design to the humans who need it most — those facing poverty every day. They’re teaming up with nonprofits, social enterprises and foundations to innovate solutions to the world’s most dire poverty-related challenges. is now seeking candidates for 2013 Fellowship Class.

“The Fellowship Program enables future global leaders from the design, business, and social sectors to spend one year working with experienced IDEO designers to address poverty-related challenges using the tools of human-centered design. is looking for inspiring individuals with backgrounds in design, business, the social sector, and social enterprise. Individuals with experience working in developing countries and/or with low-income communities are encouraged to apply. We seek candidates with minimum of 5 years work experience or a graduate degree + 3 years experience. Passion for the challenges of poverty and design thinking are a must!.

Please forward this job description to qualified candidates and we’d appreciate your help by publicizing the application through your Twitter, Facebook and/or other networks.”

This is an opportunity not to be missed for those who have great ideas , would like to contribute to make this world a better place for everybody (and  can move to U.S. )

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