Garbergs for The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation| Hair-rising Ad

I know I might be “boring” with all this posting about goodvertising. There is so much violence and intolerance in the news nowadays that sometimes I wonder whether we, as human being, are going to evolve towards a good-deprived existence. I am against this overwhelming flow of negative news -I know life can not be all about […]

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What defines you?

I am sure you all have already watched these two videos. They are both shockingly marvellous, inspiring and tear dropping. They both bring back awareness and open the mind and the heart to our in-finite capabilities, to those skills that we often forget about because we are “so used to them” that we do not […]

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McDonalds’ user generated ‘100 Moments’ interactive concept

McDonalds UK has recently launched a brand new interactive concept by Razorfish called ‘100 Moments’, celebrating  UK customers 100 most favourite moments (at McDonalds, of course). Though I find the visual appealing and the animations interesting, I do not really understand what McDonalds is trying to achieve with this concept. The only thing that comes […]

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ANAR’s billboard campaign against child abuse | VIDEO

Child abuse is a very “delicate” issue. I do not want do get too much into deep because there is no need. It is an incredibly cruel “practice” we must fight. That’s it. I have found the ANAR‘s billboard campaign very smart – a very expensive one too, but this is a good way to […]

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