Ride4Real: the unpublished photographs


It is winter time – but no snow yet. My daughter sees her father watching outside: it is been raining like crazy since yesterday.
“Hey dad, why don’t we go for a ride?”
“Mat, there’s no snow”
“Yes there is – we can make it! We can build a snowboard park in our living room and ride there!!!!”
Mat looks at me, and we both load our backpacks with fantasy and build the most incredible snowboarding park ever.
And in less than a hour, we have the best powder, the perfect gear, the best slopes ever. Mat is boosted by a fantastic hot crowd and she rewards them by winning all competitions.
“Hey Dad, that was a very cool ride!!!”
Yes, that was it. For real.


The above picture and story were designed for the Nokia x Burton contest on Talenthouse.
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 As a special thank you, here you can find the “unseen” shots, those that were very cute but not that suitable to participate to the contest – and there was a very obnoxious snowcat that…
Have fun and… vote4real!!

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