Rock-Star: a Christmas tale | My first illustrated eBook now available! Free!

Download "Rock-Star: a Christmas tale" Free! (eBook, English version)

eBook (English version) now available on, and it’s free!

This is my last story, a short illustrated yet unknown story about the Christmas star.

I first wrote the story one year ago. I had to read  “something Christmas related” in front of my daughter’s class. I could not find anything interesting, therefore I decided to write it!

Illustrations came one week ago, and as you can see it,  I am not that pro-illustrator. But I loved their being so “basic”, so I chose not to change them and to try to assemble what now is a tiny short little eBook.

Download "Rock-Star: a Christmas tale" Free! (eBook, English version)

Ah, converting everything to the eBook format was the worst part of it, due to my complete lack of XHTML knowledge.  But yesterday I stumbled upon a great online service, eBookburn, with an also very nice and prompt support team.

With little money and in a flash, I had my eBook ready to published! You can download it for free on (iTunes Store and Barnes and Noble’s submissions are on their way…fingercross!)

The Italian version will  be release really soon (today maybe?).

I will keep you updated and in the meanwhile…share, share, share! (feedbacks welcomed!)

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