Se fossimo davanti a un caffè e mi chiedessi: “Ma nel 2020 come mi devo comportare su Instagram?”​ questo è quello che ti direi..

“Come incrementare i mie followers su Instagram nel 2020?” Questa è una domanda che mi sento porre parecchie volte. E la mia risposta è sempre la stessa: “Vuoi 1 milione di followers che non ti comprano nulla e ai quali non interessa nulla di te (ma fanno “numero”) o preferisci 1000 followers che sono interessati al tuo […]

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#WhatAreYouFor | The Smart project for road safety

To cross or not to cross? When I first went to U.S.A I was warned by my fellow mates to not cross the street when pedestrian traffic light was red, otherwise I would have got fined. “This is insane! It would never happen in Italy” was my comment. But I was young and wild (well, a […]

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The Scarecrow and its honest version | Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most used and abused term nowadays. You must engage readers/consumers/visitors/viewers with innovative, emotional and sometimes shocking stories to get them hooked at your “product” it is an ongoing mantra among marketers and advertiser. It is not the “product” itself but it is the emotional liason that is important and has […]

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McDonalds’ user generated ‘100 Moments’ interactive concept

McDonalds UK has recently launched a brand new interactive concept by Razorfish called ‘100 Moments’, celebrating  UK customers 100 most favourite moments (at McDonalds, of course). Though I find the visual appealing and the animations interesting, I do not really understand what McDonalds is trying to achieve with this concept. The only thing that comes […]

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Acamìa | Food from Emilia: cappelletti

The Acamìa project is not only about history and places, but also about the Emilian traditional cuisine. And as everybody know, Emilia is a place where the Italian cuisine is at its best: think about Prosciutto, Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vinagre, tortelli, lasagne, mortadella and many many delicatessen you might know even have heard about. I […]

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