Pallacanestro Reggiana vs Unics Kazan

Shooting at a 7 Days Eurocup match is not that immense fun because there are strict rules about photographers' location. This means, still on the court but not too close to the baseline. And I absolutely love to place myself right below the basket, ground zero, with a wide-angle lens. Having said that, here's the [...]

Court Battle | IPA 2017

Court Battle by Silvia Casali

  I am very happy to share with all of you this amazing news. My Court Battle photography, shot during a match of the GrissinBon Pallacanestro Reggiana, A League Basketball team from Reggio Emilia Italy, ranked 3 at the 2017 IPA in the Court Sports category.  I am always suprised by the international recognition my [...]

Emilia Photography Exhibition

Emilia mostra Silvia Casali Fotografia Europea 2016

Life sometimes is slow, it never changes and days seem endless and boring. On the other hand, it might happen that life speeds up and you realize that months slipped away in a blink of an eye. This has happened the last six months. I have just realized it's been that long since I last [...]

The Perfect Gift

Il Regalo Perfetto silvia casali 2015 copyright (1 di 1)

  "What are you doing? Why do you want to take a picture with me and this gift-wrapped box?" “It is for my friends, Mummy. Every year I send a Christmas card to my friends. I need a picture to go with it..." “Ok. And what’s in this small box?" “Nothing. It’s empty. It’s just [...]


cornelle zoo bergamo italy silvia casali copyright 2015

2015 is going to end soon, and I am forcing myself to take a look back at the many photographs I have shot during these months - to find a reason to keep on working on photography, to study post-production, to recall the past that has gone so fast. My 2015 Lightroom Archive showed many [...]

Milan EXPO2015

Expo 2015 silvia casali photography

Last October I visited the Milan Expo with my daughter Matilde. We wanted to enjoy the experience in its wholeness, skipping the long, huge lines to enter the pavillons - actually any pavillons, October showed to be the worst time to visit Expo2015