Turban Child | Sony World Photography Award 2017 Commended Photography


Turban Child Silvia Casali Photography

Turban Child, a photograph taken at the Sikh Temple in Parma, Italy in 2016, is an image to which I am very attached as it represents a dream of mine, that of being able to travel and recount stories of distant lands. It is a photo that today, itself, will travel, and will recount its own story to many, to very many people, thanks to the totally unexpected international recognition from the World Photography Organization which has moved me, not geographically, but truly moved me beyond words.

My endearing gratitude goes out to you, as to all those who “listen” to my stories; because stories are without significance when without listeners, and the joy to received awards is worth little when not shared.

Thank you,


Turban Child has been commended in the Culture category of the Open competition at the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards. Turban Child was chosen as one of the best 50 pictures in this category.  It was selected from 105,692 images from 182 countries.

Turban Child will be exhibited at the Somerset House, London as part of the Sony World Photography & Martin Parr 2017 Exhibition from 21st April – 7th May


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