An incredible video collection | British Pathé

I am actually working at a project for one of the biggest fashion archive in the world, therefore my attention is now focused on what the web has to offer in terms of sharing the past: history, costume, traditions etc.etc. Among the many interesting websites, I have found this incredible collection of videos, British Pathé, [...]

Slow, wonderful, soft fashion: CIELBLEU


Checking my blog stats I saw that "somebody for Switzerland" re-blogged one of my post. I am a very curious person, therefore I visited the re-blogging site, found it was CIELBLEU's blog and then .... added their wonderful "slow fashion" products  to my wishlist! But makes CIELBLEU this interesting to me? " Cielbleu is a [...]

Mommy, what does bio t-shirt mean?

silviacasali per ecoffee t-shirt

ECOFFEE t-shirts is a brand new concept by ECOFFEE, an Italian project focused on sustainability in the Retail, Hospitality and Ho.Re.Ca industry I have been collaborating with for a couple of  years. I had this idea about how to present the philosophy of the project -I asked to my daughter whether she was willing to [...]

Anatomy of a shoe | FEIT shoemakers

I would like to talk about FEIT shoes from two different point of view: their style and the underlying online made-to-order concept. Style is the more "subjective" issue - you can either like FEIT shoes or think they are not that cool. To me, they are very stylish - I particularly like the  PNTHA LOW CLOUD and [...]

ThreeASFOUR InSalaam InShalom Exhibition

Apologies to I>K male readers, by I could not to help myself from  pressing this post by Cyril Foiret- Trendland. I find the designs by ThreeASFOUR wonderful - I am a fashion addicted after all! Last week in Tel Aviv the innovative New York fashion collective threeASFOUR opened its anticipated exhibition “Insalaam Inshalom” at the Beit [...]