Anatomy of a shoe | FEIT shoemakers

I would like to talk about FEIT shoes from two different point of view: their style and the underlying online made-to-order concept.

Style is the more “subjective” issue – you can either like FEIT shoes or think they are not that cool. To me, they are very stylish – I particularly like the  PNTHA LOW CLOUD and the HAND SEWN HIGH NATURALE

Hand Sewn High Naturale

What I find really interesting is how to create a made-to-order e-commerce platform.

Each month they email images of their newest samples to FEIT members who have 10 days to request “MAKE ME A PAIR”. Each sample is subject to MAXIMUM CAPACITY – the maximum number of shoes that can be made based on FEIT’s material stock levels.

Once maximum capacity is reached, production begins. If members respond well to the style but capacity remains, the REMAINING CAPACITY is made available to the general public for Pre Order.

What has been created by Tull and Josh Price of FEIT is more or less what I have defined as the “selling” process in my commonBespoke concept. I do really believe that a stronger bound between manufacturing companies and final consumers, even during the design and production process, it is a must for companies in the fashion industry to survive.

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