The sound of colors | Neil Harbisson

Very often I think that we are so used to beautiful things that we do not even see them anymore. It is the old adagio, that we do not realize what we have until it is gone.

This is maybe why I do not feel at my ease developing pictures in black and white – colour is one of the most beautiful gift we received and I still think it adds a lot to pictures – I am not really convinced about shooting in black and white as a way for expanding the viewer’s imagination.

All the above because today I stumbled upon a very interesting and fascinating TED talk. Neil Harbisson, color blinded from birth, is a cyborg. He can listen to colors thanks to an electronic equipment placed on his head.

What amazed me is the excitment and wonder he shows when he talks about his ability to add the colour shade to things that years ago he was only able to see on a greyscale. He says he now creates concerts with food, for example, wears harmonic outfits, he even dreams in colors.

What really amazed me was his new ability to do the opposite, therefore to match a sound with a color. He visually re-created songs, operas and speeches – amazing.

Though I do not particularly share his point of view – become a cyborg to expand your body and faculties – I would be really interested to know whether he has developed a sort of like or dislike about sounds/colors and if this has an influence on his judgment about what he sees/does/eats etc.

Does it make a difference to experience something with or without that electronic device? And would this be compared to what a non-color blinded person will experience on a color vs greyscale scenario?

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