The WWW Conference

A celebration of improvised conversation:

Intellectual jazz.

Richard Saul Wurman, creator of the TED (1984/2002), TEDMED (1998-2010) & the eg conferences (2006), will celebrate improvised conversation in its most informative manner.

No presentations

No schedule

No expensive tickets

Simply pairings of amazingly interesting individuals prompted by a question, generating a conversation. For 10 minutes to 50 minutes. And so it will go – conversations interlaced with threads of improvised music. An astrophysicist & a microbiologist. An actor & a playwright. A jazz musician & a classical one. An energetic exploration of the lost art of conversing.

The 100 most interesting individuals:

minds & musicians in improvised discourse

A live performance.

A tablet app.

A live stream.

The most innovative moments, the sparks of ideas, & fundamental truths come from conversations between two individuals.

In the future, the truth will be our most valuable commodity. It is fitting that truth, a commodity that we most value and desire, is amazingly scarce.

If among all the buttons on your remote control there was one button called truth, wouldn’t you push that button?

WWW.WWW is designed to metaphorically provide such a button and create a setting that will allow truth to be revealed.

On 18/20 September 2012 WWW.WWW will make its debut.

The first W stands for World.

Water Wealth Women Waste War Well-being Wildlife Web Weather Wind Words Wonder Witness Wilderness Work Wunderlust Warming Wit & the Waking Dream

WWW.WWW will be a gathering of the greatest, most interesting & curious minds in the world engaged in immersive & improvised conversation. It will celebrate the 21st century while drawing attention to the new patterns & convergences effecting our health & that of our planet.

The experience will be streamed live to selected locations. It will be available by way of tablet app across all platforms.

In the weeks following the app’s release, it will be updated with additional conversations captured during the breaks. It will also feature extraordinary visual imagery & a running line of Spanish & Mandarin translation.

The app will be a new modality, perhaps equal to the pivotal changes that have emerged in how we interact with information and each other. It will not merely archive presentations, as is currently the practice, but will offer a unique way to navigate, learn and understand information based on ones own personal journey and vast online resources. Wikipedia integration, bibliographic references, social media connections, and a flood of illustrative and cartographic images will allow for expansion and sharing of ideas as offered by the WWW.WWW Conference. It will present information in a way that has not yet not been achieved.

Just as the TED conferences were clearly the best gatherings of the 20th century, WWW.WWW will be the first great 21st century conference in its form, technology,

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