Knitting an incredible brand strategy with social conscience

The concept is quite simple: together with Sainsbury’s supermarket chain in the UK, Innocent are donating 50p from every smoothie sold to charity Age Concern to help keep older people warm for the winter.

How it works
The hats are knitted by knitters up and down UK, sent to Innocent HQ, counted and handpacked onto the juice little bottles. They are then sent off to store, and will be available to buy in Boots and Sainsbury’s stores across the UK for 2 weeks.
Over the years, Innocent has sent hats of all different shapes and sizes, from all over the world and from people who’ve been knitting for years to those who’ve just picked up their needles for the first time.

Of all the hats received, around 80% of them come from the people who directly benefit from Age UK’s services. Over 100 Age Concerns/Age UKs* centres get behind the campaign, running knitting groups in their centres.

The Big Knit campaign web presence has been carefully planned. You can find promotion and “Knitter Natter” news update on the Innocent site and further promotion through Sainsbury’s. Moreover,  Innocent smoothie fans can upload photos to Big Knit Flickr page and be rewarded with smoothie related prizes, not to forget the Innocent blog where you find the Hats of the week and Patterns for knitting your own mini beanies.

But above all, the  ‘Big Knit – The Movie’ on You Tube you find here below

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