Mine Kafon Video | Massoud Hassani

I always get very emotional when I realize how beautiful human creativity is, and how many incredible and good things humans can create thanks to it. Today, I have discovered this jewel, Mine Kafon, designed by Massoud Hassani a 25-year old Afghani refugee now living in the Netherlands. Mine Kafon is a mine sweeper which [...]

Via delle Scuole 1 | My new project

I have just published a new blog - Via delle Scuole 1 - which is dedicated to all the education-related news/websites/apps I think are a must for those Italian parents who are interested in "adding further contents" to what is in my opinion the obsolete Italian school program. Many of the resources I am going [...]

Italia Loves Emilia | The Concert

Everybody knows about the earthquake that hit Emilia Romagna, the region where I live, five months ago. During these five months, the people living in this region have rolled up their sleeves and started to build their new lives: new homes, new schools, new businesses. Today, more than 150.000 people are gathering in Reggio Emilia [...]

The Dark Side of the Sun: the Camp Sundown VIDEO

Yesterday night I was reading Timbuktu* together with my daughter and discovered this interesting story about Xeroderma Pigmentosum and the Camp Sundown. Xeroderman Pigmentosum (XP) is a rare illness: people with XP have an extra delicate skin and cannot expose themselves to the sun and to any UV light. Can you imagine? It IS very [...]