Merry Chrismas, a special Christmas to all of you

Elf  2012 Silvia Casali Photography

“May I take a picture of you, Sir?” I asked to the old man dressed as Elf.

“Of course! Are you a photographer? ” inquired the Elf.
“I wish. I need a picture for my Christmas card. Every year I send a Season Greetings postcard to all my friends and acquaintances via email. I always add a story .. everybody likes it!” I replied to the Elf while snapping like crazy.
“Email?” asked the old man.
“Yes, internet … I use the computer. My card reaches many countries all around the world .. well, more or less .. ” I added, very proudly.

“Ah .. the whole world? Interesting.. then.. may I ask you a favor? Last Sunday I was here, like every other Sunday, to entertain children, when a young boy approached me. He must have been about six year old.
He looked straight into my eyes and asked me: “But do you REALLY know Santa Claus?”
I obviously confirmed his belief. The little boy came closer to me, and he softly whispered in my ear:

“Would you please tell Santa Claus that Francesco Maioli from Scandiano wrote him a letter, but that I do NOT want what I asked him in that letter? Every year I wish Santa to stop my parents from fighting and from being worried about money, and I wish they spend more time with me playing all together. My mommy knows that this is what I REALLY want from Santa, but she always tells me that Santa Claus does not bring these things, and that he only brings toys, and this is what I have to ask for in the letter. But I do NOT want any more toys. I want to laugh and play with my parents. Do you think you can forward this message to Santa? “

Do you believe that I felt like crying? I tried really hard to respond to him and not to burst into tears, to tell him that I will certainly forward his massage to Santa Claus …
You said your card will reach many people… would it be possible to write in that card that if there is anybody who knows Francesco Maioli’s parents, to tell them that Francesco really wants Santa Claus to make his mum and daddy happier and playful? Francesco really means it.. Would you please do that? “



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear readers. This story and this picture are my gift to all of you, you can download them in ENG or IT. Buon Natale!

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