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Stay Please silvia casali photography

Stay Please  silvia casali photography

You might have noticed that I have been quiet for a while, partly because of my health problem, but I must admit that the main reason is because I am experiencing a sort of dilemma about what to do with my supposed-to-be artistic talent.

I have not yet decided which is the talent I have to devote the most energy to, whether writing, photography or sculpting. I do not even know why I feel so compelled to take a decision among the three. One thing is for sure: I do not want to waste my supposed-to-be talent but I want to use it to create something beautiful and that can leave a track of my being on Earth. Sounds a HUGE thing, but I think that any human being has a talent and should use his or her gift -because we all have one- this way.

In searching for an answer, I have read many books -the most enlightening ones being “Finding Your Element” by Sir Ken Robinson, Drawing on the Artist Within: An Inspirational and Practical Guide to Increasing Your Creative Powers” by Betty Edwards and “Dovresti tornare a guidare il camion Elvis” by Sebastiano Zanolli. All of them provided me with great tools for a most efficient use of my brain and creativity, but did not solve the dilemma.

For a long while, I quit photography – feeling like I was not that good at and it was a waste of time. Buying a new iPhone pushed me towards this pause in “serious” photography. Shooting pictures with this mobile device is so easy, and with all the many interesting filters it is possible to create amazing why spending time in searching for the best light, the best scene and editing when you can get great results in, let’s say, three minutes?

After a couple of months, I found myself stucked in another impasse. After having visited Artefiera 2014 I discovered that sculpting does not sell and it is not that appreciated and “understood”. Even Michelangelo will have hard time to leave a track by sculpting these days, and I am no Michelangelo at all.

Then I went back to my Lightroom archives, browsing all the thousands of images I shot during the last (and first) four years of my photographic journey. And I realized that I shot pictures that I hardly remembered of, and I hardly recognized as mine.

I edited some of them and updated my imaginando|photography experiences website adding new portfolio images and a new project: InMotion and Blurred.

This project really reflects the confusion that governs my mind, where everything is in motion and blurred. There might be beauty in these moving and not well defined subjects, but it is a very evanescent and escaping one.

Please see the whole project at imaginando.



Wishing you a colorful Christmas …

Christmas 2013 by Silvia Casali

“Mom, our Christmas cookies are all grey this year!”

The mother smiled and replied: “You know that I like grey, in all its shades, don’t you ..”

“Yes,I know you do, but I do not like it! And it is boring, sad, always the same ..” protested the girl, looking gloomily at the black and white cookies on the table. The mother picked-up the colored glaze, a beautiful bright and warm shade of red. She carefully lifted a heart-shaped cookie, covered it with icing and shiny flakes of white sugar.

Finally, she positioned the flaming red cookie amidst the gray ones. “Here it is, now how do you feel?” Mom asked.
“Oh, I feel much better mom! And do you know what? Now I like the gray cookies a lot more, they also look happy! May I?”  And with her eyes wide open, she pointed to the tray.
“Of course! Go ahead, tell me how they taste”agreed her mother. The plump fingers grasped a small grey gingerbread man with pearly eyes and glazed shorts.

“Why don’t you eat the red heart cookie?” asked the astonished mother, watching the little girl enjoying the round-bellied cookie.
“No mom, I am leaving the red heart for last. This way it will give flavor and joy to all the grey ones. Mom, it tastes soo good! May I have another one?”

Wishing you to find color in each and every day of your life, even in those that look grey .

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Lost and Gained | A story about me


It left me on October 9th, 2013. Its place was not left empty – a padded silence filled the void.

I was sure it would have come back – I spent the whole day waiting, no doubt in my mind. But it did not.

The day after, the padded silence was still there, dizzines and nausea were its mates. I was trembling, could barely walk and keep my head high. My sister, otolaryngologist, looked at me while testing my hearing, distraught: “You do not hear anything from your right ear..”

The search for the reason why it left was quite a urgent one. No neural impairment, but a MRI was the only way to certainty. And the certainty was there – luckily.

On the fourth day after its absence, ache started to knock at my right ear. And with ache, the final diagnosis came: viral labyrinthitis caused by Herpes Zoster.

I was physically feeling like an amoeba floating on a oil solution, feeling like there was a magnet attracting my head towards the floor, from its back. Always, even when sleeping.

Six days in bed with the padded silence, dizziness, back ache and nausea as companions. Could not read, could not eat, could not watch TV or videos. But while my physical body was quite destroyed, my mood was calm and peaceful.

I surrendered to what was going on in my body and accepted the forced inactivity as something natural, as it actually was. And with surrender came awareness: the magic of stereophonic sound, the enhanced food taste the sound of its melting in your mouth can give, the weird feeling of touching the skin around the deaf ear, the amazing power we have to stand up, walk, turn the head up and down, right and left without feeling dizzy.

But most of all, I became aware I am surrounded by marvelous people who love me and support me. My family, first, then many many friends who sent me messages and helped in letting Matilde’s, my daughter, life stay unchanged. Friends came just to say hello, to bring some relief with Reiki massage,  to cook comfort food, to pray together Zen buddhist mantras.

And I believe that this positive thinking was really appreciated by my dormant genes – Kazuo Murakami docet –  which turned on to give a boost to my recovery and to my willingness to become each and every day more in love with this beautiful life of mine. It is true that we do not appreciate what we have until it is gone – labirynthitis left me partially deaf, I do not feel sad for what I have lost but I feel extremely thankful for what I still have and what I have gained because of it.

Merry Chrismas, a special Christmas to all of you

Elf  2012 Silvia Casali Photography

“May I take a picture of you, Sir?” I asked to the old man dressed as Elf.

“Of course! Are you a photographer? ” inquired the Elf.
“I wish. I need a picture for my Christmas card. Every year I send a Season Greetings postcard to all my friends and acquaintances via email. I always add a story .. everybody likes it!” I replied to the Elf while snapping like crazy.
“Email?” asked the old man.
“Yes, internet … I use the computer. My card reaches many countries all around the world .. well, more or less .. ” I added, very proudly.

“Ah .. the whole world? Interesting.. then.. may I ask you a favor? Last Sunday I was here, like every other Sunday, to entertain children, when a young boy approached me. He must have been about six year old.
He looked straight into my eyes and asked me: “But do you REALLY know Santa Claus?”
I obviously confirmed his belief. The little boy came closer to me, and he softly whispered in my ear:

“Would you please tell Santa Claus that Francesco Maioli from Scandiano wrote him a letter, but that I do NOT want what I asked him in that letter? Every year I wish Santa to stop my parents from fighting and from being worried about money, and I wish they spend more time with me playing all together. My mommy knows that this is what I REALLY want from Santa, but she always tells me that Santa Claus does not bring these things, and that he only brings toys, and this is what I have to ask for in the letter. But I do NOT want any more toys. I want to laugh and play with my parents. Do you think you can forward this message to Santa? “

Do you believe that I felt like crying? I tried really hard to respond to him and not to burst into tears, to tell him that I will certainly forward his massage to Santa Claus …
You said your card will reach many people… would it be possible to write in that card that if there is anybody who knows Francesco Maioli’s parents, to tell them that Francesco really wants Santa Claus to make his mum and daddy happier and playful? Francesco really means it.. Would you please do that? “



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear readers. This story and this picture are my gift to all of you, you can download them in ENG or IT. Buon Natale!

I Custodi delle Stelle | The Keepers of the Stars

Getting back to a concept I designed a year ago, experimenting, testing myself, my creativity and my endless curiosity led me to create this trilogy: I Custodi delle Stelle (The Keepers of the Stars).

I am not into papercraft, that was my first time. But I really enjoyed the process, I really loved the flow and the story that came to my mind while I was designing, cutting, pasting, varnishing and getting crazy with all the glue attached to my finger.

And I fell in love with it. Proudly in love with it. All the details, pictures and stories are available in the minisite I have created just for this Trilogy.

Smile | The happiest tomato sauce

Close your eyes.

Think about the smell of sun kissed, juicy, sweet  summer-infused tomatoes.

Keep your eyes closed, and with your imagination color this wonderful smell with the bright shiny red of tomatoes’ skin. And finally, on top of it, add a smile. The smile of the people who made this tomato sauce, the happiest tomato sauce.

They woke up very early in a hot August day, they used a very traditional recipe and technique to boil, peel, dry, smash and bottle the sauce that they will use all year long as the perfect dress (yes, dress!) for their pasta, pizza and “bruschette”.

Now open your eyes and savour these pictures. Enjoy them, and if you want to taste some “Smile”, just ask! :-)

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WOW 2012 in Scandiano – Italy

This is the second post about what is going on locally in the area where I live in Italy – the one hit by the recent earthquake.

This photography gallery is about WOW2012, a “white night” happening that took place in my litte tiny village on Sunday May 26th.

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It was a crazy night, with shops open, thousands of people everywhere from 9 pm till 2 am. Music concerts, food, street artists and everything you can imagine can happen in Italy during a hot late spring night.

I took a couple of pictures – not many because of the chaos and because my camera performance with high ISO is not that good.

Celebration and fun is one of the peculiar features of the inhabitants of Emilia Romagna – unfortunately a big area of it cannot have fun and enjoy in the last weeks. But we are a strong population, for whom solidarity is a REAL word.

You might not know it – but it happened that after the first big earthquake many  Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Factories in the area had their warehouses almost destroyed and many of the Parmigiano Reggiano”forme” stocked in them almost ruined.  It was not “legally” possible to sell it so what happened was that an online social buzz campaign was organized locally, to sell  the ruined Parmigiano at a very low price. It worked.

PS. This post was scheduled on Wedn. May 30th