Acàmia | Traditional grasòl (pork rinds) making

Ciccioli (or grasòl as we called them in our local dialect) are one of the many delicious food specialities from the Italian region where I live: Emilia Romagna. I am really lucky to live in the countryside of this amazing region and every now and then I have the chance to attend folkore events where artisans […]

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Wishing you a colorful Christmas …

“Mom, our Christmas cookies are all grey this year!” The mother smiled and replied: “You know that I like grey, in all its shades, don’t you ..” “Yes,I know you do, but I do not like it! And it is boring, sad, always the same ..” protested the girl, looking gloomily at the black and […]

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Merry Chrismas, a special Christmas to all of you

“May I take a picture of you, Sir?” I asked to the old man dressed as Elf. “Of course! Are you a photographer? ” inquired the Elf. “I wish. I need a picture for my Christmas card. Every year I send a Season Greetings postcard to all my friends and acquaintances via email. I always […]

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