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Stay Please silvia casali photography

You might have noticed that I have been quiet for a while, partly because of my health problem, but I must admit that the main reason is because I am experiencing a sort of dilemma about what to do with my supposed-to-be artistic talent. I have not yet decided which is the talent I have […]

Wishing you a colorful Christmas …

“Mom, our Christmas cookies are all grey this year!” The mother smiled and replied: “You know that I like grey, in all its shades, don’t you ..” “Yes,I know you do, but I do not like it! And it is boring, sad, always the same ..” protested the girl, looking gloomily at the black and […]

Lost and Gained | A story about me

It left me on October 9th, 2013. Its place was not left empty – a padded silence filled the void. I was sure it would have come back – I spent the whole day waiting, no doubt in my mind. But it did not. The day after, the padded silence was still there, dizzines and […]

Splende | Summer holidays

Seeking refuge by the heat under a blanket of fluffy clouds of flowers. The sun found me and I caught his golden rays on a silver mirror Here they are, for you Let your Summer Holidays shine Silvia

Merry Chrismas, a special Christmas to all of you

“May I take a picture of you, Sir?” I asked to the old man dressed as Elf. “Of course! Are you a photographer? ” inquired the Elf. “I wish. I need a picture for my Christmas card. Every year I send a Season Greetings postcard to all my friends and acquaintances via email. I always […]

I Custodi delle Stelle | The Keepers of the Stars

Getting back to a concept I designed a year ago, experimenting, testing myself, my creativity and my endless curiosity led me to create this trilogy: I Custodi delle Stelle (The Keepers of the Stars). I am not into papercraft, that was my first time. But I really enjoyed the process, I really loved the flow […]

Smile | The happiest tomato sauce

Close your eyes. Think about the smell of sun kissed, juicy, sweet  summer-infused tomatoes. Keep your eyes closed, and with your imagination color this wonderful smell with the bright shiny red of tomatoes’ skin. And finally, on top of it, add a smile. The smile of the people who made this tomato sauce, the happiest […]

Summer Holidays…

WOW 2012 in Scandiano – Italy

This is the second post about what is going on locally in the area where I live in Italy – the one hit by the recent earthquake. This photography gallery is about WOW2012, a “white night” happening that took place in my litte tiny village on Sunday May 26th. It was a crazy night, with […]

My O de Joy children’s e-book now FREE on Amazon!

O de Joy silvia casali Kindle Book

A little bit of self-promotion…:-) I have published my short and not so short stories on Amazon – really proud of myself because I did everything on my own: story, illustration and Kindle e-book conversion. On Amazon you will find all of them BUT I would like to submit to your attention one of these […]