Must-See Digital Storytelling Projects: Bear 71 and Welcome to Pine Point

Yesterday I found this interesting Mashable article about Digital Storytelling. The article featured four projects, but what stroke my attention were only two of them (actually, I was not able to watch the fourth one, Rome, because “It appears that your computer’s graphics card doesn’t support WebGL technology.” ): Bear 71 and Welcome to Pine Point.

Both are Tom Perlmutter’s, President of the National Film Board of Canada, productions “This is where social media is interesting, artistically. Because it is so potent on some fundamental emotive level, it provides a completely new way of conceiving the art form,” he says to Mashable.

Bear 71 is a multi-user interactive social narrative that observes and records the intersection of humans, nature and technology. I find browsing through the story not that immediate, but the whole experience is very interesting even though the topic creates a little bit of anxiety in me. But this is my very personal opinion.

Welcome to Pine Point is definetively my favourite, I like the story and how they choose to develop the whole interaction.

It requires you more than just a couple of minutes to watch these two interactive videos, but I would really love to know your opinion about them.


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