The Dark Side of the Sun: the Camp Sundown VIDEO

Yesterday night I was reading Timbuktu* together with my daughter and discovered this interesting story about Xeroderma Pigmentosum and the Camp Sundown.

Xeroderman Pigmentosum (XP) is a rare illness: people with XP have an extra delicate skin and cannot expose themselves to the sun and to any UV light. Can you imagine? It IS very terrible (and if you watch this YouTube video you can understand what I am talking about)!

Camp Sundown was launched in 1996 by Dan and Caren Mahar and it gathers grown-ups and children with XP. The most activities at Camp Sundown take place during the night – and “The Dark Side of the Sun” movie was produced to document what take place at the Camp. Special lights were built to enable the shooting of this video thanks to the Italian companies Tecnolight and Lanterne Volanti.

Here below is official trailer of the movie, while in the Timbuktu app you will find an excerpt of the movie.

This is the very emotional Camp Sundown movie by Lanterne Volanti.

And this is the even more emotional story about Kevin

*Timbuktu is a great iPad enhanced e-book designed by two Italian girls,  Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, who dared to leave Italy and embark in this adventure. It is an incredible digital product, I highly recommend it!

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