What defines you?

What define you? by silvia casali

I am sure you all have already watched these two videos.

They are both shockingly marvellous, inspiring and tear dropping. They both bring back awareness and open the mind and the heart to our in-finite capabilities, to those skills that we often forget about because we are “so used to them” that we do not appreciate and see them anymore.

As Lizzie Velasques suggests in her TED-Ex video  Use the negativity in your life to make yourself better: I guarantee you will win”.

The same message is the one spread by Nick Vujicic: “You have to be thankful of the things you have, not to regret the think you do not have”.

I would like to end this post with Lizzie‘s final question: “Ask yourself what defines you” and never let other define yourself.

I will answer first.  I am a perennial learner and emotion seeker, a woman and a mother. Emotions, creativity and generosity are what define me. What I am doing everyday is to do my best to leave a trail of positive, amazing things leading to my self defining me. From concept design, to storytelling, photography, painting (a sort of), clay sculpting and being a crazy and funny mother..these are things that define me. I know it can sound a little bit confusing..and I have just started to explore all the things that define me!

And what about you?

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