WOW 2012 in Scandiano – Italy

This is the second post about what is going on locally in the area where I live in Italy – the one hit by the recent earthquake.

This photography gallery is about WOW2012, a “white night” happening that took place in my litte tiny village on Sunday May 26th.


It was a crazy night, with shops open, thousands of people everywhere from 9 pm till 2 am. Music concerts, food, street artists and everything you can imagine can happen in Italy during a hot late spring night.

I took a couple of pictures – not many because of the chaos and because my camera performance with high ISO is not that good.

Celebration and fun is one of the peculiar features of the inhabitants of Emilia Romagna – unfortunately a big area of it cannot have fun and enjoy in the last weeks. But we are a strong population, for whom solidarity is a REAL word.

You might not know it – but it happened that after the first big earthquake many  Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Factories in the area had their warehouses almost destroyed and many of the Parmigiano Reggiano”forme” stocked in them almost ruined.  It was not “legally” possible to sell it so what happened was that an online social buzz campaign was organized locally, to sell  the ruined Parmigiano at a very low price. It worked.

PS. This post was scheduled on Wedn. May 30th


  1. A very good post, and I believe such happenings are very good for any community. Bad there are not much of it around here, but there is a little. Sorry about the earthquake, but enjoy the cheese.

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