Fuorisalone Milan 2012 | The lost ones

Fuorisalone Superstudiopiu Installazione 2012

Sometimes it happens that I shoot pictures, I save them on a hard drive and then I forget where I have saved them. Result: pictures are lost for a long long time, until the day I discover the lost folder while searching for something else.

These images date back 2012. I shot them while visiting the Fuorisalone 2012. While postproducing them I realized that what struck me at that time was more the atmosphere rather than the objects. I do not remember what these installations were about so feel free to comment if you recognize some of them.


  1. I was there too but, just as you I tend to shoot pictures and forget about them once saved if other events distract me. Sorry I cannot be of any help but was nice to view your pictures!

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