The Scarecrow and its honest version | Storytelling

The Scarecrow Chipotle Mexican Grill Video

Storytelling is one of the most used and abused term nowadays. You must engage readers/consumers/visitors/viewers with innovative, emotional and sometimes shocking stories to get them hooked at your "product" it is an ongoing mantra among marketers and advertiser. It is not the "product" itself but it is the emotional liason that is important and has [...]

Artefiera Bologna 2014

Two years ago I visited Artefiera Bologna for the first time. I was marveled by the creativity exposed and was really excited to be able to see all that creativity from very very close. During the last two years I was very lucky to have given the possibility to become an art student. It is [...]

Sand Art | Kseniya Simonova

I am starting to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. It is not that well known in Italy, but I am sure that its popularity will raise during 2012 even in my "very Facebook addicted" country. Anyway, browsing this new cool social newtork I have found a video showing a performance sand art performer [...]

Get Closer Ad | Jung von Matt/Limmat


I was searching for inspiring examples of  great storytelling applied to social responsibility - and I have found some which are very good but up to date, the Get Closer ad - which dates back March 2011-  is still my favorite one. Pro Infirmis is a Swiss organization that helps people with disabilities. For their Get [...]

Book of Art | Isaac Salazar

I have always thought of Flickr as a community of photography lovers. To my great surprise I have also found great art projects not photography related such as Book of Art. I have been unable to find other information about the project elsewhere - but I will keep you updated. In the meanwhile, enjoy these [...]

Grandmother Tips | Chacho Puebla

I found this project by Chacho Puebla exhilarating and interesting, and I share Chaco's thoughts when he says "As my son gets older and I get more grey hair, I wonder what kind of advice will I give to my grandkids". If I were Chacho I would have called this project Instagrandma!

Put Yourself in Their Shoes: Christopher Scott

Put Yourself in Their Shoes is a series of ‘social posters’ by Irish graphic designer Christopher Scott. Inspired by the works of Stefan Sagmeister, Christopher blends elements of nature, man-made objects and certain props to deliver a strong typographical statement. Sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes shocking, these posters aim to stir-up the audience and bring them face-to-face with [...]

The Honda Experiment | VIDEO

Just curious to know if any of you are able to actually play with this great visual and interactive experiment by Honda. I am not - but I still love the concept, the visual, and the "Making of" Video (this last gave me some clues about how to play with the interactive game and showed [...]