The Scarecrow and its honest version | Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most used and abused term nowadays. You must engage readers/consumers/visitors/viewers with innovative, emotional and sometimes shocking stories to get them hooked at your “product” it is an ongoing mantra among marketers and advertiser. It is not the “product” itself but it is the emotional liason that is important and has […]

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green being, being green | silviacasali for SIGG contest

I am a SIGG addicted, therefore when I discovered this SIGG contest on Talenthouse I could not help myself from submitting “something”. Being not good at using Photoshop and other graphic design software, I decided to keep it simple. Very simple. And do something by hand – actually, I grabbed my SIGG bottle wrapped in […]

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Get Closer Ad | Jung von Matt/Limmat

I was searching for inspiring examples of  great storytelling applied to social responsibility – and I have found some which are very good but up to date, the Get Closer ad – which dates back March 2011-  is still my favorite one. Pro Infirmis is a Swiss organization that helps people with disabilities. For their Get […]

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La palette culinaire de Emilie | Yummy food for eyes and taste

I bet you have already seen these wonderful Pantone tarts everywhere – they are the last artwork of Emilie Guelpa, a French art director with an incredible taste 🙂 and passion for food! These Pantone tarts were designed for an article on the French magazine Fricote, but if you check her blog you will find […]

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