Liter of Light: two years later

a liter of light

On September 2011 I published a post about a wonderful project created by a man in Manila whose name is Illac Diaz 
I was strucked by the simplicity of his bright (in any sense) idea and by the happiness he created with just a couple of things: plastic bottle, water and chlorine. And the sun.

From that time that simple idea became widespread not only in the Philippines – where more than 28.000 families use this solution to bright up their nights – but also in India, Chile, Uganda, Kenia, Singapore, Bangladesh and many many more.


The My Shelter foundation was created and now they aim to bright up one million homes around the world by the end of 2015. It sounds a huge number but I am sure they will reach this target with no problems. Bravo Mr.Diaz!

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