Endless Love | silviacasali storytelling

The old man came towards me and asked: “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“I am sorry, Sir, I don’t understand” I replied.

Then I followed his gaze and saw the silhouette of a woman at the very end of the drive. “Ah, now I understand, but I cannot see her face from here. But I trust you, she must be a real beauty”.

“Yes, she is the most amazing woman in the world” he added. “Her eyes are as blue as this sky, and she is always nice to me. You know, I am a very stubborn old man but she still loves me. We have been married for more than 60 years, do you believe it?”

I reciprocated his sweet smile, and his eyes were shining with admiration while looking at the silhouette at the end of the drive.

“I must go now” he whispered “She does not like to wait for me that long. Have a nice day, lady and good luck with your pictures”
“Have a great day you too, Sir and be careful, there is ice on the road”. While leaving, he waved me goodbye once again, as to reassuring me he had understood.

I followed him with my camera, and when he arrived closed to the feminine silhouette, nothing happened. Not a gesture, not a gaze. He kept on marching, his head down paying attention to the slippery road. The feminine silhouette started to move towards me, showing a young woman under a huge furry hood.

She must not be the woman he was talking about. Maybe he was crazy. Or maybe I was not able to see what he was showing me: I was the blind, unable to see an Endless Love.

L’anziano si avvicino e mi chiese “ Non è bella?” “Scusi, ma non capisco” risposi

Poi seguii il suo sguardo e vidi la silhouette di una donna alla fine della strada. “ Ah si, scusi signore. Pero’ non riesco a vedere il suo viso da qua. Ma mi fido, deve essere veramente bella”

“Si, lei è la donna piu’ bella del mondo” aggiunse. “I suoi occhi sono azzurri come questo cielo, ed è sempre gentile con me. Sa, io sono un vecchio testone ma lei mi ama ancora. Siamo sposati da piu’ di 60 anni, ci crede?” Io ricambiai il suo gentile sorriso, i suoi occhi erano scintillanti di ammirazione mentre osservava la silhouette alla fine della strada.

“Devo andare ora, non le piace aspettarmi a lungo. Buona giornata signora e buona fortuna con le sue foto”. “Buona giornata a lei, signore, e stia attento, c’è del ghiaccio per terrra”. Mentre se ne stava andando, lui fece un cenno con la mano, come per rassicurarmi che aveva sentito.

Lo seguii con la macchina fotografica e quando arrivo vicino alla silhouette della donna, non accadde nulla. Non un gesto, non uno sguardo. Lui continuo’ a camminare, la testa abbassata ad osservare la strada scivolosa. La silhouette cominciò a muoversi verso di me, mostrando una giovane donna sotto un enorme cappuccio di pelo.

Non doveva essere la donna di cui lui mi aveva appena parlato. Forse era un po’ pazzo. O forse io non fui capace di vedere quello che lui stava mostrando: io ero la cieca, incapace di vedere un Amore Senza Fine.


    1. Thank you for commenting Mari! Do you mean if this is a true story or a fantasy one? Would it make any difference as per the emotions you felt while reading it? I am curious to know your answer…

      1. Yuup, that’s what I meant. Yeah, I think it would make a little difference, I mean you rarely see two people who share something so beautiful that lives on, even if they don’t.

        1. There is not only the love between a man and a woman, but there can be love for a friend, or for a pet..Obviously, they are all slightly different kind of love but what they all have in common is the ability to survive to death – meaning physical death. Sadly, I have many good friends who died years and years ago, but there are always things in my daily life that remind me of them. And until you remind the loved ones, love is there, therefore it never dies.

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