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Real Men Have Mustaches t-shirt

Real Men Have Mustaches t-shirt

I always try to see the positive side of things and do my best to see the marvel in life, and I act whenever it is possible, instead of complaining and doing nothing, this last being a very “traditional” Italian custom, which I think is blocking Italy in this time of economic turmoil.

Anyway…I am not going to talk about politics or economics, but I am going to share with you a GREAT example of how to live life’s problem in a very positive way. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, aka as Ahmed Barkhia, is young man living in Rome (Italy!!!), who has used his very positive-thinking nature and web knowledge to create the chance to find a solution for a very serious problem which is going to ruin his life for good.

Ahmed is suffering from pituitary dwarfism and since 8 years also Osteonecrosis of Achondroplasia with dysplastic femoral bilateral coxarthrosis, diseases that affect the area of ​​the basin and are gradually taking away the use of his legs. In May 2014 he discovers that he can solve this problem thanks to a specialist through an innovative treatment. The surgery is very expensive and must be done by November 2014 otherwise permanently lose the use of his legs.

For this reason, Ahmed, his friends and his relatives give life to the fundraising campaign #UNBACINOPERAHMED (#KISSFORAHMED) to win the race against time to reach an amount of € 75,000.00.

This morning I watched an interview by NinjaMarketing  (Italian only) during which Ahmed explained what led him to create the campaign, the pros of creating his own crowdsourcing platform http://ahmedbarkhia.net/ using WordPress+plugins – essentially the ability to cut the cost of each donation, keeping it limited to a 3% – and the parallel fundraising option offered by purchasing a custom Ahmed Barkia tee on TeeSpring 

Unfortunately Ahemd is still far away from is goal of € 75,000 but as he says “It is not important how much you donate..little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. I am in that ocean, now it is your turn! Donate on http://ahmedbarkhia.net/ or reserve a “Real Men have Mustaches” T-shirt on TeeSpring!

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