#WhatAreYouFor | The Smart project for road safety

To cross or not to cross? When I first went to U.S.A I was warned by my fellow mates to not cross the street when pedestrian traffic light was red, otherwise I would have got fined. “This is insane! It would never happen in Italy” was my comment.

But I was young and wild (well, a sort of wild) and cared not that much about law infringement, especially for such a simple and ordinary thing as crossing the street. Then I understood that in the U.S.A. even the “simple” things are taken seriously, as it should be.

When I watched this SMART “The Dancing Traffic Light” video I was amazed by how easy is to entertain people – just give them a chance to show off and raise the heartbeat and here they go! Sometimes we complicate things too much, while keeping them the simplest is always the best. From selling a concept to save life, simplicity wins.

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