First Loves Saga | Cowbird

Today is Valentine's Day and to celebrate love Cowbird has collected all the First Loves stories written by its members to create a collection of interactive emotions. I  have (obviously) contributed with a couple of stories - Endless Love, Matilde ♥ Samuele and First love | Love first - and enjoyed reading most of them. The ones I loved [...]

Digital City Map for Blind People: plan.b

plan.b is a study by Robert Richter of a digital city map for blind people. The device provides within seconds a tangible illustration of their immediate surroundings. By feeling the surface of the tablet, the user receives information about the environment and by pressing the “structures” he will receive additional acoustic information. Thus the blind [...]

Humanity of a shoe | Oliberté

I was tempted to merge FEIT and Oliberté in one single post, but althought there are similarities (handmade premium quality shoes) the business model  which these two companies are using is very different. FEIT is a niche product, Oliberté is a mass market one. FEIT appeals to uniqueness, Oliberté to social responsibility. Oliberté has been [...]

Anatomy of a shoe | FEIT shoemakers

I would like to talk about FEIT shoes from two different point of view: their style and the underlying online made-to-order concept. Style is the more "subjective" issue - you can either like FEIT shoes or think they are not that cool. To me, they are very stylish - I particularly like the  PNTHA LOW CLOUD and [...]

The Honda Experiment | VIDEO

Just curious to know if any of you are able to actually play with this great visual and interactive experiment by Honda. I am not - but I still love the concept, the visual, and the "Making of" Video (this last gave me some clues about how to play with the interactive game and showed [...]

Is text interactivity going to kill human brain creativity and critical thinking? | VIDEO

I have just finished reading this FastCoDesign article and a sense of  "discomfort" rose inside of me. The article is about a new concept, Tangle,  by a former Apple designer, Bret Victor.  Tangle is a JavaScript library for creating reactive documents. Readers can interactively explore possibilities, play with parameters, and see the document update immediately - [...]

This guy rocks (at BigRock) | VIDEO

I am very happy to share with you the last "corto"  my friend Giacomo worked at as animator and in the character modeling and shading department, with the supervision of Alex Ongaro, actually Head of Effects in Dreamworks Animation - LA. Giacomo is a very talented  guy who comes from my small village in the North [...]